Development Consultancy

North Sands Developments has combined property experience of more than 60 years, experience you can now harness to guide you on every step of your own property journey. Whatever you are seeking to achieve, we can help ensure that your property project runs as smoothly as possible and gives you exactly the outcomes you are looking for.

Maybe you are a first-time developer with a burning desire to launch a career in property, or perhaps you’re looking to embark on your own self-build adventure but you’re not sure where to start and what pitfalls to look out for. Even if you’re just struggling to find your next home we can be by your side as much or as little as you like.

Whatever you need, you can now get straight into it with zero experience thanks to North Sands Development Consultancy.


What do we offer?


For Home Owners

Do you own a house, a plot of land or even a large garden that you feel is screaming out for something to be built on it? The idea is tempting but it can be a daunting process if your expertise lies in a different field. We have a proven track record of unleashing the potential of sites and can use our industry connections to get the right professionals in at every stage. From the initial idea right through to project completion, securing any necessary planning consents along the way, establishing detailed design, managing construction, warranty and building control, we can unlock value and help you secure profit.

For Developers

If you’re up and running as a developer and you want to call on our experience, we are here to help. Whatever stage your project might be at, our industry contacts and in-house team can make sense of your options and maximise the potential of what you’re doing, bringing you the greatest possible returns, and perhaps a few ideas you hadn’t thought of into the bargain. If you need help with market research, pricing, costing or just sourcing a trusted contractor, North Sands Development Consultancy can help.

For Self Builders

Starting your own one-off project can be daunting. Even if you’ve done it before, you may recognise the value of having an experienced service on hand to help through the more stressful moments. At North Sands Development Consultancy we can help find and secure the right land or house, instruct and manage the right consultants and land you with the design and planning you want. We can go further too if you need it: we can look after budgets, we can introduce, source and manage products and contractors, and we can look after the build phase to ensure that your points of view get across and your targets are met. It is never too early to get us involved nor is it ever too late – even if you simply need advice on a one-off problem we can help.

Funding Options

Getting the right finding in place can be a minefield, but with our knowledge and experience of all the options available we can guide you right the way through it. In fact, with some funding options the very fact that you are working with a team with a proven development track record can be the difference between approval and rejection. We have long-standing relationships with some of the industry’s biggest lenders, relationships you can use to your advantage.

Full Project Management from North Sands Bespoke

It’s a nice feeling when you’re handed the key to a brand-new home, full of the latest technology and highly energy efficient. It’s even nicer when you haven’t had to deal with any of the stress and work that goes into producing it, and you’ve secured it for less than you would have paid for the finished product on the market. That’s where North Sands Bespoke comes in.


It’s a full-service offering, from idea to handover, which gives you the home of your dreams and allows you as much or as little input as you want. It’s an exciting dream, and our experience and know-how can make it real. Just drop your details into the fields below and we will get back to you to discuss turning your idea into reality.

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